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Which Creatine Is Best For Me

Whey Or Creatine Which Is Better For Me

I am starting out but have been conditioning with weights, and i am wondering which is better for me whey or creatine. What are the benefits of each.

I take both. Whey has little cons Creatine certainly increases your mass, but I find its mostly water weight. Put it this way my brother put on 20 pounds of muscle in 2 months on creatine, stopped lifting for a while and lost it all. Creatine is really good and safe if u cycle it effectively. Good Luck

I like to use whey and creatine together for 6-8 week cycles. I always get good size and strength increases when I would take them. I use a natural whey from [link]


Video Creatine How to Best Use It for Muscle Growth (Avoid Side Effects)


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The 20 free things in Sydney with my girlfriend

It is a significant blessing that I am able to continue serving my community through SMUM. Founded in 1983 as...

Top 5 Best Creatine Supplements - 2018

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Optimum Nutrition Creatine Review By Guru Mann

Optimum Nutrition Creatine Review By Guru Mann. .

Which Is The Best Supplement For Me

I work out 3 times a week, and already have my workout/exercise regimen and diet figured out. My only question now is what protein should I be using, currently I am using just a simple Whey Protein mix, but I am seeing like GNC Pro Performance AMP with Protein and some other things like leucine and such, my

I stopped reading at "I work out 3 times a week". Your regimen is not rigorous enough for supplements to matter. The best supplement would be to your budget by not trying to improve your results on the margin by eating powdered forms of what you already eat. Instead, work out every day of the week for over an hour and then it will truly matter.

The best nutrient that's best obviously to be had in animal meals is B12. There are many fortified meals with B12, such a lot in particular breakfast cereals. A various nutrition of beans,legumes,nuts seeds, entire grains greens and fruit will furnish the entire different vitamins and minerals you wish to have. I am now not a vegetarian myself (I devour fish and dairy) however have run throughout this often, omnivores having the point of view thta purple meat is by some means "fundamental" to a healthful nutrition. Bah

Milk foods n fresh vegetable salads etc., r good for general health.

Creatine Or Protein, Which One Is Better? You Preferred

Creatine and Protein, I want to know which one is better for workout. In terms of health issues, mass builting, over effectiveness, etc. thanks

Go for straigh 100% WHey protein. Forget creatine. Yes if you want to get huge take creatine but the minute you stop taking it you body will go to *. Protein is just like eating chicken except more quantities and no carbs or sugar that you dont want. I recommend Optimum Whey GOld Standard. THe best flavor is double rich chocolate it take so good and was named best protein for the year 2007. Protein is natural so unless your taking 10 shakes a day it wont do harm. Take 1-2 a day depending on your workout routine.


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    They are Very different from each other Here is an excerpt from
    ( I probably get asked this question at least once a day through email.) Amino acids are the building blocks of our muscles. If you do not get enough than there is no point to working out. Creatine is an outstanding supplement, but if you have to choose from getting at least 1 gram a day of protein or getting your creatine then opt for the protein. However I do want to stress that creatine is an excellent supplement. In fact for assistance in muscular gains I would rate it second only to whey.
    Check out my source for some valuable information about creatine. Again. Protein is a must but Creatine will enhance your workouts
    Protein is the Gas for a car and the Creatine is the V8 to power the car instead of that V6

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