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Two Buff Dudes

Do People Think It's Gay For A Buff Black Dude To Walk His Two Toy Poodles

My babies are 2 years oldSax and Mister and I love them very much but sometimes I feel embarrassed when I walk them because I'm considered buff to some people and my dogs are little white toy poodles.
My ex and I broke up and she left the dogs with me.

I'd find it cute, honestly.

I like "Jet" but mine was a tiny toy, and because of his personality his name was "Rambo". He was just under 3 pounds. Poodles are so intelligent. The stories I could tell about him Someday I will get another one.

I would think that it would be a good way to strike up a conversation with a woman. We love cutsie dogs. Then the fact that you are buff.well, you would definately not look gay.

Video Buff Dudes


The 20 free things in Sydney with my girlfriend

It is a significant blessing that I am able to continue serving my community through SMUM. Founded in 1983 as...


The 20 free things in Sydney with my girlfriend

It is a significant blessing that I am able to continue serving my community through SMUM. Founded in 1983 as...

  • 2 buff dudes
  • 2 buff dudes youtube
  • 2 buff dudes abs

What's A Good Workout Routine For A Skinny Dude To Get Buffed

(Stats 147lbs5'6"18y/o.)so my two main best friends are , well big and buffed if you will, and im tired of always getting made fun of for being skinny , and light to pick up. i want to stop being skinny, i want to work out and build muscle and strength . i dont want to keep being skinny, and

You need a lot of protein first off. You need to start eating a lot of carbohydrates and protein. Then you will need to hit the gym on the free weights and body resistance. You have to be dedicated enough to work out for an hour at least 5 days a week and will need to use a plethora of different machines. Focus on upper body and core one day and the next your lower body and core. Then repeat. Through this cycle you should focus on using different muscles every OTHER time you focus on a different part of your body. They need time to build muscle but they get muscle memory and then you don't see the effects.

Shortcut To Size by Dr. Jim Stoppani. Can be found on google or bodybuilding.com

Working at a gym.

Fitness Body Transformation - Simple Guide From Fat To Fit

Workout Plans: Youtube Workout & Kitchen Tools We Use: Youtube Body.

Why Do Girls Say Im Too Buff (Pics)

Its not like im a body builder or anythingim 17 about to turn 18 in marchand girls tell me im too buffonly to turn around and say that50 cent and reggie bush has a hot bodyim 5'9 and 178 pounds[link]

They have money and you dont. Lemme try to break it down for you.
Money: Gets 90% of females
Looks (face): Gets 75% of the females
Personality: Gets 50% of the females
Buff: Gets 20% of the females
You bet on the wrong horse dude. 50 cent (and all the others) were around long before they were famous and nobody was talking about how hot or buff they were. They were just some ugly spuds walking the street & nobody gave em a second look.

You can never be too buff;) have you seen randy orton or john cena they are buff and beyond hot? Your body is fine except your on the short side so that might make you look a little stocky sometimes short+buff=stocky looking but your fine

It depends what girls like. some girls go for the really macho body builder look. personally i prefer guys that are really slim with a little muscle definition. Your obviously really fit and work hard for your body so if your happy stick with it.

Ladies Pick One Tall Guy Whos Pale, Skinny & Weak, Nerdy, Or 5.6 Guy Who's Buff, Tan, And Cool Personality

  • 2 buff dudes chest

Obviously the connection matters too, but for the record I'm just comparing the two.Also, when I say nerdy I dont mean super nerdy, I just mean kind of a boring neutral personality. I dont mean like an embarrassingly geeky personality.And when i say cool personality for the guy, I mean really confident,

"Teenwith"wowww way to assume that the shorter guy is tanning. PREJUDICE much?The shorter guy is tanned because his dad owns a yacht and he has money and he goes on vacations and sh*t during the summer, and he also goes cliff diving, to tailgate parties, and outdoor stuff that naturally ends up with

Nerdy guy. I find tanning unattractive and I don't like buff guys. :P
Tall skinny guys forever <3

I don't understand this question. Why do women see a shorter guy and think its such a bad thing? I know more short stocky dudes that I would trust to have my back than some tall lanky *. Height doesn't mean that much, go with your heart. Don't let height determine your happiness.

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  1. Tututni

    What a cute question Honestly I would probably turn around while driving by and smile. It would be a strange sight but if you have the confidence to do it, by all means do it. And if you are buff, no one will mess with you anyways.

  2. Marina

    First of all you sound "stupid and immature" for thinking that people will think your "gay" for walking your dogs.why would that make you "gay"? I am a lesbian woman and I dont walk dogsand I am very feminine.so should I you I look straight? I really think you need to grow up and feel confident in yourself and your own sexualitywho cares what the hell anyone thinks about youyou know who you are dont you? If you feel "gay"then maybe you are?

  3. Blaisel

    Shoulders: [link]…
    the rest: [link]…
    With this workout your diet has to go up. More meat, fish, eggs, peanuts (protein) and even more bread, rice, pasta, potatos (carbohydrates)
    Good luck in the gym if you found this useful, subscribe like and share with your friends.

  4. Sedulity


  5. Snuffler

    I don't think they mean they wish you were less buff. I think they mean it in a good way like, "Gosh he is just too buff" I'm a girl and I think you look good.

  6. Erode

    You are definitely not too buff
    Hot body if you ask me

  7. Mensais

    I'm a man. A man with a heart.

  8. Cheirography

    Nerdy boy

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