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Strappy Bra



The 20 free things in Sydney with my girlfriend

It is a significant blessing that I am able to continue serving my community through SMUM. Founded in 1983 as...


The 20 free things in Sydney with my girlfriend

It is a significant blessing that I am able to continue serving my community through SMUM. Founded in 1983 as...

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I've Been Wearing Sport Bras Since Like 10 So Is It Ok.

So i've always worn sport bras because of p.e. . . i'm a teen but does that change my boobs?/ i really don't wear the regular strappy one. so i just wanted to ask if wearing sport is wrong

I am not sure why all these people are saying that strappy bras are more supportive. The purpose of a sports bra is because IT IS more supportive when you are active moving , shaking and jumping. Keep wearing a sports bra if you are active it will prevent sagging and stretching and pain if you are still developing.
Pressure from a sports bra is not going to permanently shape your breasts or prevent growth but they also should not be so tight that they hurt.
A strappy bra will allow clothes to hang more naturally on your body and most people would find that more attractive. So figure out if you are going for comfort or looks and decide what works best for you. You might wear a sports bra for PE and another for the rest of the day. Also the sports bra and the fact that you are in PE may cause excess sweating so changing afterwards may be good to prevent skin irritation or odor anyway

Myself. been wearing bras for 25 years HAHA

I think sports bras make my boobs look weird, and there are several pluses to the "regular strappy" bras
you can wear a shirt that shows more (back chest shoulders)
they offer more support
they shape your boobs to be more round while a sports bra just lets your boobs form themselves

Diy: Strappy Bra/ Sutiã De Tiras

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Diy Sutiã De Tiras - Strappy Bra

Diy Sutiã De Tiras: Aprenda Comigo Nesse Vídeo Como É Fácil Fazer Um Sutiã De Tiras, Também Conhecido Como

What Kind Of Bra Should I Buy For Nursing? (1St Time Mom, And Small Breasts)

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I have no ideahow to get a nursing bra for me.
I have really small breasts - I am a cup A. but i prefer buying padded ones so i don't feel embarrassed. so pls reply keeping that in mind. Thnks so much.

I'm currently breastfeeding my second daughter, and like you, I am also on the smaller side. I absolutely hated nursing bras, but I know other mothers that swear by them. I live in Hawaii right now, and because it's pretty warm here, I like wearing tank tops or spaghetti strap tops. It's easier for me to breastfeed in these than shirts with sleeves. I usually wear strappy sports bras or wireless bras, as they're super comfy and convenient. I can still wear nursing pads without any trouble either. If anything, they're nice to at least wear around the house.

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I, too, am small. I was right on the cusp between A and B cup. Once my milk came in, I was a C and remained a C until I weaned 13 months later.
Here's what I did and what I suggest:
1. When I was still pregnant, I went to Motherhood Maternity and got measured for a new bra. I wanted one with proper support, because my breasts started getting bigger in the first trimester. Getting a good bra with good support is very important. Sagging breasts after weaning is not cool at all Motherhood makes good bras that don't have an underwire (underwires supposedly block off milk supply) yet still have excellent support.
I bought two new bras, figuring I should not go crazy since I would probably need more after my milk came in.
2. I also bought nursing tanks and night nursing bras for extra support when I was about 8 months along. All had more ambiguous sizes (small, medium, and large, etc.) and were very versatile. They were good for extra support while still pregnant (and when I was nursing), and they were also a wonderful help after my daughter was born. it was so easy to just have a tank top with a flap that folded down the first couple weeks.
3. About two weeks after having my daughter and after my milk supply was definitely in and breastfeeding was going well, I went back to Motherhood Maternity and bought a couple more nursing bras. I had them re-measure me first, and I had grown by a couple inches, so that helped.

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  1. Noosnom

    No i don't think it changes anything but im 12 and wear regular bras and i have sports bras and I cant see much difference

  2. Murugap

    Um they rlly dont do anything but a regular strappy one is better for when ur boobs do get bigger or else they look all weird under a t-shirtalso they give more support especially for p.e. so sports bras r not the best

  3. Aroides

    If your baby isn't here yet, make sure you buy a bra that can handle some expansion, like this one: Your breasts will likely get much larger when your milk comes in, so you don't want to buy something that will fit you *perfectly* at the size you are now. I would get a few bras like the one in that link so you have some room to grow.
    Once your milk supply is established (maybe around 4-6 weeks), I would get a fitting at a boutique, or maybe a Nordstroms or another specialty store that sells nursing bras and does fittings. You can find a Bravado certified fitting specialist by looking at this map and check the box under your city and state: Once your milk supply has regulated, it should be okay to go ahead and get a more form fitting nursing bra.
    I'm a big fan of Bravados, as you can tell, but you can find tons of great brands at this site: Just make sure you've been fitted professionally before you buy one.

  4. Ailicec

    I went from an A cup to a C cup during pregnancy and I found bonds maternity bra's the most comfortable. They sell them at kmart. The bonds ones seem to adjust to my ever changing breast size. ie: before and after feeds. I wear reusable breast pads which give a little padding. I found underwire bra's uncomfortable because of changing breast size. My baby is 6 months old and the bonds bra's are still in very good nick. Don't buy the cheaper similar ones at kmart or target cos they aren't good quality. The elastic stretches and cups fall apart quickly. try a few on and see what's comfy. I bought mine and wore them while pregnant for comfort. Hope this helps. All the best xxoo

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