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What Do You Think Of These Fantasy Nanes

Rayne Harper
Cameron Valor
Lucas Everic
Tira Solarin
Prima Mandari
Zane Sulther
Damon Dolosa
Gianna "Gigi" Metzi
Dawn Ashlade
Rosch Oralle

I really enjoy the names Gianna/Gigi Metzi, Zane Sulther, Dawn Ashlade, and Prima Mandari. DO NOT CHANGE THEM :) The others are good as well. However, I dislike the names Tira Solarin, Damon Dolosa, and Rosch Oralle. Tira Solarin is a mouthful because of the similar "r" placement. Damon Dolosa could either be considered clever or repetitive. Lastly, Rosch Oralle is odd although it is fantasy. When I think of Oralle I think of Orajel ointment or some other oral relation. Perhaps try something more generic for the last name because the first name is so different? Rosch Smith, Rosch Parker, Rosch Matthews? Otherwise, the names are very catchy and interesting.
I hope this helps Good luck with your writing :)

Free writer and avid reader

I think they're very good
They have a slight European sound to them though, so they would definitely be very cool to see incorporated in something mideval or mythological.

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For Anyone Who Plays Neopets The Darkest Faire (Not Fairy) On Ps2

I need to know how you get past the level where Roberta is trapped in the never ending stairwell. I'm desperate I almost gave up on the game because I couldn't do it Please help

Endless Staircase-
There’ll be a gold medal showing you where it is, just in case. But to get there, head all the way back into that room that leads to the clock tower and to your left. You should come into a small room with another doorway. Head through that doorway, then continue this with the rest of the rooms until you come to a hallway.
Head straight down it. There’s a Save Point somewhere, so
use that. After saving, just keep walking straight down the hallway until you come to a door. Enter it, and you’ll be in the Endless Staircase. Meanwhile, a speech cut scene will start. The Darkest Faerie is walking back in the room after seeing what that noise was.
She goes to pick up the torture device and says 'where were we?'. But then, she turns to where Old Lady was bound, and sees that she’s not there anymore. The Darkest Faerie will get furious and demand to know who did this.
Once in control again, you’ll be in the Endless Staircase. The first thing I suggest you do is get rid of the evil Harris monsters, as they can be rather annoying.
After you do this, walk down the staircase until you come to a Quiggle statue in the pillar. If it’s at least the second one you’ve encountered, it will be pointing. What exactly is it pointing to? Why, your escape route, of course. The Quiggle statue will be pointing either up the stairs or down, so go in the direction it’s pointing.
There will be more statues you encounter, and go in
the direction each of these are pointing, as well. Eventually, you’ll come to a doorway. Go through it, and you’ll be out of the Endless Staircase.
You’ll now be in the library. Avoid the monsters here like the plague and run straight through until you get to the doorway that leads out into the garden. Go through this, and a speech cut scene will start.
Roberta will be running for her life past the two hedge mazes. The Darkest Faerie will then appear in a window, and demand that she stops. Roberta looks up at her but says nothing, continuing to run. Eventually she’ll get to the platform where the carriage landed.
Her Uni, Solarin, will appear. Roberta will jump onto Solarin’s back, and the Uni begins to fly away. Unfortunately, some monsters appear out of the clouds and try to attack them. Solarin tries to beat them off, but one of them ends up knocking Roberta. She falls off Solarin’s back and screams as she falls towards Neopia far below.

No,i don't play that game before.

Follo where the quiggle statues point and kill the vampires koala things or they will attack u.

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  1. Dimeride

    I like them all except Lucas. You should replace Lucas with Luther.

  2. Inequilobed

    I like them a lot and think you should keep them as they are Good luck

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