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Six Week Workout

Six Week Workout To Look Decent (For Spring Break)

I want to know a good six week routine to look decent for Spring Break. I already do have experience lifting weights and going to the gym, but I was entangled this past semester at school so I didn't get to workout much. Please simply mention any workout that has worked for you to get ripped (I mean come on, I

Well, for a quick 6-week impact this is what you need to do in my opinion.
+ Supersets - Do an upper body exercise then straight into a lower body exercise. This rushes the blood up and down the body and helps to increase metabolism. Only work out 3- 4 days a week
+ Lift heavy - Be sure to stick around the 4 - 6 reps range for 2- 3 sets. Lift as heavy as you can without injuring yourself, though you can be surprised at how much you can lift
+ Intervals - instead of steady state cardio do intervals of say 30 seconds hard/ sprint with 30 seconds easy and do about 6 - 8 of these. This will put your metabolism through the roof
+ Diet - Eat protein (eggs, beans, meats, nuts, fish etc), fruit and veg every 2- 3 hours with some carbs. Drink 6 - 8 glasses of water a day and cut out all processed rubbish
Try this and you will be surprised at the results you can get in 6 weeks, all the best


Doing an effective whole body conditioning and weight loss workout
can be done entirely at home without any fancy equipment. A couple of
dumbbells is all you will need. (Even if you don't have dumbbells
there is usually something lying around the house that is heavy enough
to substitute in for them).
Here is a list of 20 exercises you can do right in your own home for
a great whole body conditioning and fat loss workout.
Group 1:
Bodyweight Squats
Bulgarian Split Squats
Prisoner Squat
Reverse Lunge
Step Ups
One Leg "Get Ups"
Group 2:
Push Ups
Push Up and Point
Mountain Climbers
Decline Push Ups
Push Ups/Stick Ups
Step Up and Press
Squat and Press
Group 3:
Side Plank
Curl and Press
One Arm Rows
Bird Dogs
One Leg Deadlifts
Pick one exercise from each group and do them all back to back for a
mini circuit of 3 exercises. Do each exercise for a timed interval of
10 seconds for a total of 30 seconds per mini circuit.
As you get better at them work up to doing each exercise for 20
seconds for a total of 60 seconds per mini circuit.
Take 30-60 seconds rest between mini circuits.
For beginners do a total of 3 mini circuits to start. Working up to 4
or 5 as you get better at them.
Once you're ready to move to the next level add a second mini circuit
by choose 3 different exercises (one from each grouping). Do your
second mini circuit with the same time of work to rest ratio as your
If you feel you are already at an advanced level you can add one or
two more mini circuits up to a total of 4 mini circuits. These 20
exercises are just an example of what is possible, there are dozens
more that would work in this mini circuit style, you can incorporate
any exercise that you like into these mini circuits. This style of
workout is a great complete whole body conditioning and fat loss
program you can do right at home in under 45 minutes.

Video The Build A BETTER Body 6 Week Plan


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What Will Happen If I Do The Abs Diet Workout Video Everyday For Six Weeks

The Video says I should do the workout every other day, but will anything happen if I do it everyday? The first two weeks I will do the Beginner Workout, weeks 3-4 I will do the Intermediate Workout, and the Last two weeks I will do the Advance Workout.

I am not familiar with the Abs Diet workout video, but I can give you some pointers. You can do a cardio routine every day, but you must only lift weights every other day. As far as ab exercises go, you can do sit up and crunches every day.

I don't know how intense this Abs Diet Workout is, but you shouldn't work the same muscle group every day because you can do more harm than good. after you workout your muscles are microscopically torn and need rest and time to heal so that you can workout again. you should stick to the directions and workout every other day

You dont get abs by doing ab exercise you need to lower your body fat to the point where your abs are visible ab workout just makes it look bigger

We Got A Six-Pack In 6 Weeks

It's All A Mental Game.

6-Week Spring Shred: Week 1 - With Anna Victoria

Welcome To Week 1 Of Our 6-Week Workout Challenge With Fbg's Anna Victoria Each Week, She'll Lead You Through A Brand New Full-Body Circuit Workout With.

Six Pack Workout

I need a workout plan that will take away my stomach fat and in the end make me have a six pack. I really need a six pack so I am only taking serious answers. I'd appreciate it very much. Thank you.

Look dude you better give me ten points cause i m giving you a special website, which has everything you need to get a six pack abs. 16 weeks program, nutrition plan, no gyms required, and it costs nothing

I did this program, trust me dude, it works


I Workout Six Days A Week And When I Get Hungry At Night I Like To Eat Shredded Mini Wheats. Is This Healthy

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I'm trying to loose weight but i always get hungry at night so i figure this is a healthy snack.

Generally you want to stay away from carbs right before you go to bed. When you sleep, your metabolism is at its slowest and your body finds it easier to store those carbs as fat. But since you workout six days a week, you probably don't have to worry about this to much. Your metabolism is probably pretty high all the time. Check this blog for other simple things you can do to live healthy.


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Build Muscle Super Fast -

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  1. Untirable

    Fitness is a lifestyle, not a 6 week retreat to a permanent and beautiful solution. I always tell everyone that 75% of it is in your diet. If you want to get ripped then watch your calorie intake, familiarize yourself with nutrition, and do alot of light cardio 4-5 days a week for over 40 minutes per session. I would also suggest reading Arnold Schwartzenegger's "New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding" it is like the bible of fitness. Who better to learn from than 8 time Mr. Olympia? It's around $35 in most book stores for paperback, and way better than spending hundreds or thousands on a trainer. It has all the answers you are looking for and more.

  2. Flukes

    Military fitness trainer

  3. Libeller

    You will develop AIDS

  4. Balletomanes
    Balletomanes night, you take supper although it is a mini wheat, it is still consider not healthy, you cannot loose weight. It means that eating before the sleep is not healthy, try to avoid this bad habit. If you are really cannot control the hunger, then try to eat earlier before the sleep, at least 2 hours, so that the nutrients absorb cannot convert to fat and store in your tummy.
    I have a friend who is successful of losing weight. She told me that she workout of 5 days, at night try to sleep early and try to schedule to eat enuough before the workout, so that she won't feel hungry after the workout. I think you need to schedule your program on 6 days workout.
    My friend did not skip any meals except night supper. She loose 20kgs in 1 month as her record. Determination of loosing weight is important from the start.
    I hope my sharing can help you.

  5. Lanzkron

    It's better than eating leftover pizza. I eat the same thing some nights in fact Some other good late night snacks are baby carrots and almonds.

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