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No Water Weight Creatine

How Long Does The Extra Water Weight From Creatine Last

Will the water weight go away after a few weeks or will it still be there as long as I'm on it
please no "creatine is bad for you" answers and things along that line

"Creatine is bad for you" LOL
ok so basically you will gain the weight so if you gain 10 lbs for hte time you take it and when you stop taking it you will probably lose half like so 5 lbs so in a total you would have gained 5 lbs in total. you would lose half. and you cant tell how much of it is water and how much it is muscle mass. just as long as you get bigger and feel stronger hten your good rigght
so to summarize you lose half of your gains .

For as long as u take it

Video Creatine Bloating & Water Retention Fact Or Fiction


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The 20 free things in Sydney with my girlfriend

It is a significant blessing that I am able to continue serving my community through SMUM. Founded in 1983 as...

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Creatine + Not Working Out = Weight Gain? Or No

I heard from a friend that if you don't work out while taking creatine you gain fat and more weight, is this true?

Creatine itself will not cause you to be "fat" only consuming more calories than you are burning will result in fat gain.
Creatine (actually, phosphocreatine, which the body creates from creatine) increases muscle energy availability. It does this via the ATP cycle, which is the way that cells store and utilize energy. The amount of work our muscles are able to perform is a result of how much ATP is available. The ability for the body to regenerate ATP also impacts work.
Supplementing with creatine can enhance the recycling of ATP. For athletes or weight trainers, this can increase the amount of reps that a person can perform during exercise, since ATP is being restored more quickly (resting between sets allows the body to restore ATP as well it's a similar effect.) Over time, these short term improvements in work performed can translate into longer-term strength and hypertrophy gains (increased muscle mass.)
So you can see that if you are not working out in conjunction with creatine supplemention, you basically are dumping your money down the drain. Creatine isn't a magic substance that gives you more muscle it actually allows you to work harder IN THE GYM and realize some incremental gains in strength and hypertrophy.
What your friend may be referring to is the tendency for people who are supplementing with creatine to experience weight gain. This weight gain is usually a combination of the addition of some lean muscle mass with increased intramuscular water retention. It's not fat gain as a result of creatine supplementation.
Bottom line is there is zero benefit to creatine supplementation if you are not working out hard along with it. That said, it won't make you fat either, although it could make you gain some water weight.
Best of luck

No thats not true, Creatine occurs natrualy in the body it supplies energy to the muscles, supplements are creatine phosphate or creatine monohydrate. However by using creatine your bodies intramuscular stores will also increase which means more water rettention, you weight will increase slightly due to water, discontinue creatine and your weight will reduce.

"How much do you bench?" In the event that you will soon be rich just get finding a dollar for each time some one asked you this Utilize this plan [link] in order to impress them.
Just how much do you benchis became so crucial and this is the reason folks are constantly trying to increase their bench. Nothing feels as effective as putting another menu to the bar when it's your change to utilize the benchin your gym.
The Critical Bench program will help you enhance your benchwith the 5x5 technique. 5x5 strategy indicates that you will do the same fat for 5 reps of 5 sets. You wish to locate a weight that may weakness you by the final repetition of the last set. This kind of teaching sets large number of stress on parts of your muscles and they have nothing otherwise to complete but react and become stronger.

Nic: Creatine Weight Gain Is A Good Sign

Article & References: Youtube If You Want To Support The Physionic Community And Help Me Branch Out To New.

Can You Take Creatine When Dieting To Get Lean?

In This Video I Clear Up The Common Confusion Over Whether Or Not You Can Take Creatine While Trying To Get Lean.

Help Gaining Weight With Creatine

Im trying to gain 34 pounds by the start of football season. I've heard that creatine helps put on muscle mass and helps you gain weight. Is this true? and if not, can you tell me what the best legal supplement is? no science bull crap talk either just tell me if its good or whats better

Creatine causes lean muscle tissue to retain water but does not add ONE ounce of new tissue.
The body produces all the creatine it can utilize from a healthy diet of all the food groups specifically dairy and lean red meat.

If you are going to be doing that so much bodily endeavor you need to watch out with creatine. You're going to acquire muscle groups, so sure it'll make you obtain weight, no longer fat although if that is what you might be asking. You must drink plenty and tons and plenty of water so you don't harm your self. Creatine can provide you with mad complications and smash your kidneys. AND NO ITS CREATINE no longer STEROIDS YOUR WEINER can be exceptional LOL.

I personally used creative during football. I recently graduated. I found that the more I used it the more it made my face and back break out. Go into a local vitamin expert and tell them what your looking to do.

While Taking Creatine Do I Use Weights

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I am new to this and don't know much about it and I was wondering during the loading phase (ill be taking 5g 4 times a day for 5 days) do I use weights in the gym or not? And the same with the maintainance phase ( ill be taking 5g over 11 weeks) ?Also if any of my information is wrong about taking creatine

I thought the whole point of this was to ask and find out answers to your questions and not be shot down by some as*hole who criticizes everything ? If your not going to be helpful please don't answer especially if your like that unhelpful pri*k eddysays
And I have been lifting weights too for the last 3 months

If you feel you must take creatine, you should continue doing weights.
There really is no need for a loading phase.
Taking 5g a day, in 5 days your system will be loaded enough.
Remember to cycle every 8 to 10 weeks, that means no creatine.
Drink plenty of water while using creatine.
If you get stomach cramps, nausea, or diarrhea discontinue using.
You can also get creatine in your system from meat and fish.

You are way too new to this if you don't know if you should lift while using a benign and unapproved dietary supplement.
Muscle is gained by resistance training and a complete diet of whole foods. Using some magic supplement not approved by any dietary or medical organization is a waste of time and money.

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