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Multidimensional Relationship

How Is Development A Multidimensional Process

Development is Multidimensional
There are biological dimensions. For example, the comfort an upset child receives from her mother's loving embrace, utilizes the biological component of touch, while providing the child with emotional reassurance (cognitive) that all will be okay, and lastly, helps the socioemotional process by creating a stronger emotional bond with the mother. Biological processes are exhibited through the physical changes an individual undergoes through the course of their life. The biological changes include both normal and abnormal growth and development in the body. Going through puberty, for example, is a normal biological process that occurs during the development of an individual.
There are cognitive dimensions. Cognitive processes are exhibited through the changes in an individual's language, thoughts and intelligence. Human naturally grow and develop in their cognitive functioning, learning to rationalize and communicate more effectively as they grow and develop. The ability to make decisions, as well as more accurate judgments, usually increases as an the individual ages. For example, a baby develops their ability to speak around a year or so of age. This ability continues to develop over a span of many years.
There are socioemotional dimensions
Socioemotional Processes are exhibited through the changes to an individual's relationships with others. As an individual grows and changes, the relationships they form with others change. For example, the relationship a child has with their grandmother at age six is much different than the relationship they may have with the same grandmother at the age of twenty-five.

Development Is Multidimensional

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How is development a multidimensional process?

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The 20 free things in Sydney with my girlfriend

It is a significant blessing that I am able to continue serving my community through SMUM. Founded in 1983 as...


The 20 free things in Sydney with my girlfriend

It is a significant blessing that I am able to continue serving my community through SMUM. Founded in 1983 as...

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One Of My Students Asked Me This Today And I Could Not Answer

We have talking about the debate between Keynesian and Monetarist for days now - the shape of the AS curve, the Phillips curve, fiscal policy. what is actually happening in a recession etc So today I decided to review with them and we got on the subject of the debate again and one of my students was just shaking

Fine but can't someone find out what the 'real' shape of the LRAS is?

The problem is in the statement 'gather all the empirical data and conclude'.
An economic system is simply way too complex to include all the available data in a model that would conclusively determine the relationships between the economic variables. Many government institutions and multinational organizations run extremely complex economic models trying to determine the multidimensional relationships between thousands of economic variables without being able to conclusively determine the shape of an aggregate demand or supply curve, let alone its dynamics over a period of time
This is mostly due to the fact that some of the variables are extremely difficult to estimate (e.g. how to analytically or empirically determine the expected inflation rate). Even the most complex model of an economy is still based on assumptions which are in many cases unrealistic but necessary to make the model work (e.g. the assumption of rational decision making and utility maximization of the 'homo eoconomicus' is, as any psychological experiment will demonstrate, simply wrong).
Not only are such relationships between many economic variables stochastic in their nature, but the correlations themselves are unstable and follow a stochastic process.
Even in cases where parts of an economic system are deterministic (i.e. not stochastic), it's behavior is in many case still unpredictable becasue of the potential non-linear dynamics (so called chaotic systems) and therefore its sensitivity to initial conditions (the proverbial butterfly flapping its wings in China, causing a hurricane in Kansas).
An additional difficulty facing economists is the fact that, unlike in other scientific disciplines, we cannot easily conduct controlled experiments on a macro level; we cannot go back to let's say the Great Depression and change the government policies to measure how much the target variables would have changed to empirically determine the relationships between the economic variables at that precise moment in time.

Empirical data has been gathered for decades and both sides have been explaining the same phenomena using different rationales.
Every theory states that the LRAS is vertical at the natural rate of unemployment

Russia: Pakistani Pm Sharif Calls For 'multidimensional Relationship' With Russia

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Said That His Country Wants A

The 5Th Dimension Relationship ~ Problem And Solutions

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How You Managed Relationship With Your Spouse When You Were Required To Stay Many Miles Away For Sometime

Words have great power. Despite the inability to have eye-contact or touch feel for each other, constant communication with each other with positive vibes can truly compensate to quite an extent and this is perhaps one area where we humans should be proud of having developed such a powerfully great means of relationship with each other. The poor other species have been able to do little on this front and that is why human relationship is so much more superior and multidimensional but then it also means relationship being capable of causing depression and mental diseases that other species don't have to face
Philosophically speaking, the relationship really resides in the mind and the physical means are simply the intermittent triggers and if it is strong enough to start with in its purity and intensity as it manifests in the two minds, communication through proper, timely and frequent enough words can keep it going for a really very very long time even without the physical togetherness.
In the final analysis, however, all this maintenance of relationship can come to naught if it is between the spouses and if there is no scope for sex at least at reasonable intervals; although to an extent this special feature for spousal relationship may well be due to our conditioning of mind that puts the sexual interaction between the spouses as a defining activity for the relationship (divorce laws across the world are testimony to this).

Relationship always requires deep understanding and faith. only when a wife or husband is
psychic or terribly insecured or suspicious, the relationship has problems .
With a normal lady or a husband the conversation on the phone is quite casual, related to some
domestic events or health, childs education or sickness. when the person is on tour, he is greatly preoccupied with assignments he has, so it is not possible for him to devote hours on the phone.
A normal , husband or a wife would understand this however a shallow, impulsive, immatured
partner may not appreciate such short communication and may create a ruccus when the person comes back. That is the point where the relationship starts getting sour.

So, I'm not married yet but my betrothed is in the Navy. At the moment he's out to sea and has been for over a month now, he won't be home for at least another two months and this is a common occurance. Obviously phone calls are impossible to make to someone that's in the middle of the ocean so all we can hope for are emails to one another two to four times a week. Also, if the government decides that something I put in an email, for instance that I have the flu or that I got fired, is detrimental to his focus on his work, then he doesn't receive the email. The worst part of the deployment is that at any given time the crew can go on 'alert' where no communication is allowed whatsoever. 'alert' can last from between two weeks, to the rest of the deployment. If say, the crew went alert three days into a three month deployment, I could possibly be totally without contact of any kind for three months. Having explained that
I cope in small ways, I keep a journal that I write letters to him in whenever I feel like I'm going to meltdown because he's not here. He gets to read this when he comes home. Tomorrow night, he's taking me on a date. I'm getting all dressed up, nice dress, heels, make-up the whole nine and going out to a nicerestaurantt and I'm going to write an especially long letter in his journal that only consists of what I would say to him if he were there. It's been a month and every morning I roll over and pat his side of the bed before I'm fully awake; looking for him. Every night I cuddle up to his pillow and want to cry, but I don't because I know he will come home eventually. It's very very difficult to be seperated and have so little contact. You have to find your own way to cope with it, really.
Some days, I listen to music that reminds me of him and just let myself have a good cry. I surround myself with friends that we both trust and I don't let myself be alone too often. I think about him every second of every day. At random times of the day, I imagine what he could be doing and what might remind him of me at times. I watch the movies he likes to watch, read the books he likes to read. Things like that, things that remind you of why you love eachother and little things like going on a date with him, even if he's not there physically. Keep the romance going and just remember what you're like when you are together.

I'm in long distance and keeping communication open is the key, because that's all you can do it just talk. Phone calls or skyping. Just remember that even though you are apart, you still have the duties of being supportive which maybe hard through just words, but you two can work it out :)

A Couple Of Questions I Am Havin Trouble With I Finished The Other 89

  • multi dimensional relationships

1.Name this assigned text: 1) written by Marx and Engels, 2) a condemnation of the effects of capitalism on the individual and society, 3) states "WORKING MEN OF ALL COUNTRIES, UNITE".2. Wiesel's Night and Riefenstahl's The Triumph of the Will are examples of World War I era works. (true

1.Name this assigned text: 1) written by Marx and Engels, 2) a condemnation of the effects of capitalism on the individual and society, 3) states "WORKING MEN OF ALL COUNTRIES, UNITE".
Das Kapital: Kritik der politischen Ökonomie

2. Wiesel's Night and Riefenstahl's The Triumph of the Will are examples of World War I era works. (true or false)
False - WWII
3. What method of execution did Elie Weisel so vividly describe in "Night"? Here's your site
4. Edvard Munch's painting "The Scream" is an example of postmodern art. (true or false)
False - - Expressionism 1890's
5. Dostoevsky and Ibsen are part of the same literary movement as
C) Twain and Dickens (Just guessing here)
6. What was the fate of Mrs. Mallard at the end of "The Story of an Hour"? Died of heart disease
7.The works of Frank Lloyd Wright often utilized natural materials.
A) True (guess)
8. Mallarme's "The Afternoon of a Faun" is part of what movement? (Hint: This movement preferred subjective expression inspired by sensory experience and rejected both romanticism and realism.)
"a landmark in the history of symbolism in French literature"
9.Pablo Picasso's work is an example of this movement.
A) post-impressionism
D) cubism Probably "D" is the better answer
10. Match the 20th century science term with the description.
A. string theory
B. chaos theory
C. human genome
D. language theory
Universal patterns underlie all of nature that appear random and unstable, however, they repeat themselves "A"
Forms of expression are limited by descriptive tools "D"
Mapped DNA to functions of human cellular system "C"
Resulted from the pursuit of a "theory of everything"; describes a multidimensional universe "B"
11. Match the people with their field of knowledge or contribution to civilization.
A. physics
B. psychology
C. phonograph, film, moving pictures
D. theories of the relationship between the human mind the body
Candace Pert and Deepak Chopra "D"
Werner Heisenberg, Max Planck, Isaac Newton "A"
Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung "B"
Thomas Edison "C"

History dog

Th is is more than a couple
Here is one, and the rest are very easy to look up

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    I believe from the view of quality of life: Development, in its essence, must represent the whole extent of change by which an entire social system, turned to the diverse basic needs and desires of individuals and social groups within that system, moves away from a condition of life widely perceived as unsatisfactory toward a situation of life regarded as socially, economically and spiritually better. Therefore development can be conceived as a multidimensional process of improving the quality of human lives. Hope this helps :)

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    c- Edison
    d- Freud

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