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Malic Acid Benefits And Side Effects

I'm 40, 5.5, 187 Lbs, With Fibromyalgia And Lipolymphedema. Any Suggestions On Natural Remedies And Exercises

I was diagnosed last week and the doctor prescribed Lyrica, Dorixine Relax, and medicated compression socks. However, I don't want to depend on medication for life. Are there any natural remedies, diet and/or exercise options to reduce the pain, lose weight, and get my lymph system and my life back on track?

I'm sorry you got so many spam answers.
Personally, I would do some research on Lyrica I've heard some really bad things about it including side effects that mimic Fibromyalgia (and is sometimes worse). Take a look at for the full listing of benefits and side effects that your pharmacist would give you for Lyrica if you want to find out more about it before taking it.
With that being said, there are actually a few that have helped many people (including my Mom, who also has Fibromyalgia). You could try D-Ribose, Magnesium, a good B Complex (B-50 is usually adequate), Malic Acid, Methionine, and/or TMG (Trimethylglycine). I've also heard that some people get great relief from being on a gluten-free diet, but that may be more of a personal response thing.
I would personally suggest adding only one of these to your regiment every month or so, just to see how your body reacts to each one (so you can see which ones work well and which ones don't help).
As far as exercises, keeping active can definitely help, but some people may have too much pain and sensitivities to exercise much they typically should look to the other options I mentioned above to reduce the pain first and then start exercising. Good luck and I hope I helped

Personal research in my role as a Product Specialist for a vitamin company and Mom's experience

Hehe I wish your husband is as mild-hearted approximately this as you Unfortunately the natural cures will best support in sexual reproductive well being and stimulation, now not 'progress'. I can advise a few herbs that can be a well proposal for the ones functions. It would possibly support if you're taking anything to make you extra receptive to any and all sensations, something the supply. ;) Avena Sativa-Enhance sensitivity in pelvic field. Also a relaxant. Ginkgo Biloba-Increases power (stamina), raises bloodflow to the pelvic field and the relaxation of the frame and is a temper lifter. (Can additionally alternative Indian Ginseng which does the equal) Schisandra-Also raises bloodflow to the intercourse organs. Most essential factor to do is make certain you don't seem to be taking any meds if you make a decision to make use of herbs. There are a few that do not paintings good with others. Also if in case you have allergic reactions, make certain you realize what loved ones the herbs are from My favourite means to make use of herbs are tinctures, however you'll be able to additionally grind them and make pills. As for different cures, check out discovering trade approaches in 'connecting' and enjoyable one a further. :) Ultimately you already notice this is a non secular union among you and your husband, so as soon as you have 'united' possibly you'll be able to become independent from and exhibit him exceptional approaches of having to the 'promise land'. lol Good success and be blessed

Video MALIC ACID - What is it - Benefits, Side Effects & Uses


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Pamelor (Anti-Depressant) For Fibromyalgia Pain

I just got diagnosed with fibromyalgia. When I first went to my doctor, he gave me a prescription for Pamelor and at the time I had no idea that it was an anti-depressants. I dont believe in anti-depressantsI used to be on them at one point and they actually made me more depressed and suicidal tooI'm

My doctor doesn't know about my past (6 years ago) reaction to anti-depressant. I don't want to bring it up because I don't want it to be in my records

Hi Amy I'm sorry you're going through this
First of all, Justmeinthisworld is right; many doctors give antidepressants for fibro because it changes the seratonin level in the brain. By doing this, it is supposed to help with some of the pain and possibly sleeping problems that we fibro patients have. I've had fibro for over 15 years, and I have taken some in the past without success. I'm sorry, I can't say I have taken Pamelor though. If you have had problems with antidepressants in the past, you need to let your doctor know. Remember that your medical records are private. Your doctor should know everything concerning your medical history for your safety
As for the anti-inflammatories, once again, they are given to decrease pain, but many fibro patients really don't benefit from these. There are a few drugs out there right now that are being prescribed for fibro: Lyrica, Cymbalta, and Savella. I heard about too many problems with Lyrica, so I didn't try it. Cymbalta did make me gain weight without any good results. I am now on Savella and doing pretty well without weight gain-yay Remember, everyone responds differently to medications, so good effects and side effects will vary from person to person
I have never had any pain "free" years, but I do have times that the pain is really not all that bad. Doing things to take care of yourself- eating well, resting as much as you can will all help. Massage will make you feel so much better You're already working with a physical therapist, so I know you're already learning how to stretch your muscles, so that is wonderful There are also a few supplements out there that have been shown to help with fibro: Malic acid with magnesium, Omega 3's, B12, Vitamin D. Many doctors will encourage you to take these. Always check with your doctor.
Don't get discouraged; it's not a death sentence You can have a good life with fibro. Read all you can about it. Read from reputable companies- arthritis foundation, fibromyalgia network. Anytime a company wants your money for a 'cure', beware and turn away There is more and more research going on concerning fibro, so more is being discovered about it.
Hang in there Once your doctor finds the right medicine for your body, you'll start to feel better and tolerate fibro much more. Take him a list of your concerns and questions, plus anything that your research has shown that might help. A good doctor will appreciate you taking an active role in your health.
There are also yahoo groups that will connect you with others. One is the Fibromyalgia_Support_Group. It's full of wonderful people who understand all your concerns
Sorry this is so long Hope it helped some Good luck

Pamelor For Pain

The Liver And Gallbladder Flush- Days 1-3 Malic Acid

Malic Acid Does More Than Just Soften Gall/liver Stones. I Have Personally Experienced A Benefit From Consuming It. There Is Additional Information In The Link.

How To Do A Liver Gallbladder Flush With Malic Acid & Herbs

Learn More About The Liver Flushing Resources Here: Youtube I Am Using Organic Apples And Juicing.

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    I have fibromyalgia and have been pain free for about 2 years. Fibro pain is not usually constant. You will probably have flares of pain which are controlled by medication. It's a trial and error thing, what works for one may not work for another.
    Anti-depressants are often prescribed, these help the pain receptors work better.
    It can take up to 7 years to be diagnosed because of the varying symptoms. You may want to get a second opinion. I find exercise and massage work well. (not during a flare though)
    There are many helpful sites on the internet that will give you information

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