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25 Pound Dumbbell Curls Injuries

Before Lifting 8 Pound Dumbbells Or Any Other Weightsdo We Have To Do Some Kind Of Stretches

Or do some warm-ups first?

Before lifting that light of a weight, no. If you were lifting heavy weights then doing the exercise at half the weight for a warm up then doing full weight for exercise would be approprite. Like, if you're doing bicep curls with 8 lbs, no warm up necessary. But if you're doing 50 lbs, then you might want to do a few reps at 25 lbs to warm up the muscles.
Stretching is better done after a workout because stretching "cold" muscles puts strain on them. If you're not planning on doing anything strenuous afterward, then it's fine. But the double whammy of cold stretches and strenuous workout
A warm up is a good idea to help prevent injury. It can be general or specific, but again, with an 8 lb weight, likely not necessary.
Post on warming up-

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Video Stop Doing Dumbbell Bicep Curls Like This


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The 20 free things in Sydney with my girlfriend

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Tips For Working Out

Ok, so im 15, 5'10", and I weigh 118-122. I'm trying to build up muscle, so I need some help. I only have two 15 and 25 pound dumbbells, and I don't have access to a gym. I need to know some excercises I can do to build muscle, and I also REALLY badly need a good schedule. I have a treadmill,

In order to gain weight:
1. You have to eat big, to get big. Pack in as much nutritious food into your body as you possibly can. I was in this same situation a few years ago. Try to eat more meals a day if you can, but don't eat any junk food. I'd cut it out of your diet.
2. As for exercises, if you really can't get to a gym (most high
schools have them) you can try some of these:
Push ups- 100 day or night. Sets of 25 or more if you can, or 20 if you can't. Just make sure you get them all in. If you're REALLY sore the next day skip them that day, but do them the next. It should be enough time for your muscles to avoid injury.
-Overhead press with 25lb dumbbells
-Squats with 25 lb dumbbells in your hands- 2 sets of as many as you can do.
-Lunges w/ or w/o dumbbells
-Dumbbell flies/press (as much weight as you can as long as you can do at least 5 reps)
-Dumbbell snatches (you can look them up online if you need to)
-Crunches and/or sit-ups- 200ish, I'd break them into sets of 100, or less if you need to.
-Bicep curls (if you must, I try to avoid isolated exercises but you're kind of limited)
-Pull ups 2 sets of max reps
-Deadlift with dumbbells
-Bent over DB row
3. You don't need the protein shakes if you have a balanced diet. You'll just pee it out. Go with weight gainer stuff if you really need a supplement, or just save that money and buy real food.

If you have any more questions email me: [mail] (I know how you feel)

How To Lift Heavy Dumbbells (Never Do This)

Build A Ripped, Athletic Body - Youtube Subscribe To This Channel Here - Youtube Learning How To Lift Heavy Dumbbells,.

Weight Lifting.

Heres the problem, i want to get my arms as big as possible in 25 days. i already do a lot of arm curls with 10 pounds on each side. but im kinda dull in that area. what can i do to get them as big as possible. what kind of workout? oh and another question. i have a flab on my stomach and want to get rid off that.

Don't give yourself such a small time frame, because it sets you up for failure and giving up if after a month you don't have the results you seek. Here’s what I do and it has been working for me. Obviously a workout needs to be tailored to the individual, but these exercises may help.
Lying dumbbell triceps extensions
standing barbell curl
behind head reverse hammers
one-arm preacher curl
Close-grip pushdowns
incline dumbbell curl
Parallel bar dips
hammer curl
Single-arm reverse-grip pushdowns
reverse grip EZ bar
rope push downs
super light dumbbell curls
Dumbbell Incline Presses,
Pullovers and Presses,
Dumbbell Bench Presses,
Narrow-Grip Bench Presses,
Incline Dumbbell Flyes,
Barbell Incline Presses,
Push-Ups Between Benches,
Cable standing incline flyes
Cable standing decline flyes
Barbell row
Dumbbell Row
Lat Pull Downs
Cable Row
Lower Back Machine
lite wide lat pulldowns
Lateral Raises
Bent-Over Lateral Raises
No rest front raises
Military Presses
Front Raises
Rotator Cuffs
Superlight lateral raises
On incline bench, with 2 10lbs dumbbells:
1st: Facing forward bring dumbbells up from sides to parallel to ground palms inward, slow repeat for ten reps.
2nd: Facing bench bring dumbbells up from sides backwards as far as you can palms inward, slow repeat for ten reps.
3rd: Stand up with dumbbells and do 10 lateral raises.
4th: Back in position 2, raise arms so they are forward, palms inward, arms bent in a semi bear hug position and parallel to ground. Bring to sides and back to center for 10 reps. I usually do 5 lbs here because this exercise is hard.
Do this set three times with out rest. The third set I change to all 5 lb movements. All of this is slow pace, like 1 second up and one second down.
Leg Extentions
Leg Curls
Calf Lifts
Glute Machine
Leg lifts
I also do 100 crunches per night.
My idea is to hit a variety of ranges and movements in order to work the muscle to the maximum. I tend to use a weight I can do for 10 reps and for 25 reps on the last two movements. Apart from this I do 20 minutes or Cardio every day and stretch before and after the workout, as well as frequently during. Stretching is very important to muscular growth because not only does it help prevent injury and alleviate recovery pain, but it also stretches out the fascia tissue that surrounds the muscle and inhibits its growth. When you are pumped and you stretch is when you get the best stretch of the fascia. Lastly rest and nutrition are every bit as important as the workout itself. Eating enough protein for the muscle to recover and grow as well as enough carbohydrates to replenish diminished glycogen stores in the muscles and liver is vital for repair and being ready for the next time you tax those muscles.


Build Muscle Super Fast :

Healthy Amount Of Workouts

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Well as of now I'm starting to get in shape. My exercise routine is below:Pushups x4 25 repsSitups x4 25 repsMWFOn TTS I do running. I know this sounds weak sauce but im trying my best to avoid injuries. I'm only 110 pounds and was thinking of adding dum bell routines to my MWF routine. I add

I would make it a total body workout since you do the same MWF. Pushups for chest, some sort of overhead press for the shoulder, and some lunges with the dumbbells. If you have access to a pull up bar that would round it out by including your back. Most young guys also like to do curls to develop the leet bicepz.

Personally I don't use weights at all when I work out. You really don't need to unless you want to get huge. Use your own body weight to build muscle.
I would highly recommend cardio everyday and make sure you work your lower body, it is essential to gain strength in your upper body. If you are serious about getting into great shape, swim a few days as well. This will build endurance, help you out with cardio and build muscles not built while lifting weights.
I would also recommend to incorporate pullups (wide grip and close grip) along with chin ups to work your lats, back and biceps. You can do this MWF.
My routine is:
MWF push ups, pull ups and assorted ab work outs (crunches, flutter kicks, hanging leg raises, and those sit ups you do on your side, not sure what its called). Anyway, I do four sets of each, max reps and try to increase my reps every day. Not but a month ago I was hardly able to do 50 pushups in one set. Now I can do 75-80 in my first set. I just keep doing max reps each set and keep increasing my reps.
As for Tuesday and Thursday I do lower body/leg work outs. Squats, calf raises, box jumps and occasionally the machines to work the inner thigh.
Saturday/Sunday: Swim
I also do cardio on the treadmill Monday-Friday . Increasing my distance every day with a good speed and incline and working towards a goal. Occasionally I'll do interval sprints which is a great way to build your endurance but its tough.
Don't forget to stretch before and after a work out. So yeah its important to do an overall workout and cardio. Cardio is very important and a good way to warm up before a workout and even cool down.

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  1. Didymiums

    I know you want things "as soon as possible" but you have to change your train of thought here. If you are obsessed with numbers (size of arms, weight etc.) you are setting yourself up for diappointment. Just go to the gym consistantly and keep at it and the resutls will come and be more likely to stay. BUT if I had to answer your question I would say to work your bi's and tri's on the same day and to super set them (one set of bi's followed immediatly by one of tri's). Most of the size of your arms is in your tri's so work them hard. Get plenty to eat and plenty of protien. Take Creatine if you are not already. And dont overdo it. Do not train your arms more than twice a week. But it takes time so I think no matter what you do if you want a quick fix you are going to be dissapointed.

  2. Kopczak

    Best biceps exercies:
    -Preacher Curl: This is one of my faves. It isolates the biceps, and works them like crazy. Do these with a cambered bar at about 10-12 reps for 3 sets.
    -Standing Barbell Curl: This is an old classic that is guaranteed to give you bicep mass.
    -Standing Alternating Dumbell curls: This is another classic that is great for bicep size. I do these at 20 reps (10 for each arm) for 3 sets. If you start to get tired druing a set, don't sacrifice your posture as you might hurt your back. Instead of doing a strict curl, do hammer curls.
    -Seated Concentration curls: These take a little more time but they're really grate. Sit down and spread your legs, placing your elbow on the inside of your knee to support your lifting the dumbell with that arm.
    -Seated Hammer curls: This helps your biceps develop outward and also works your forearms.
    If you want your arms to look bigger, keep in mind that your triceps are something like 85% of the size when you put your arms down at your sides and look at them in a normal posture. Making my triceps bigger really helped me develop my overall arm size.
    If you wanna gain good, lean weight; just eat quality protein (lots of it). Eat your chicken breasts, your lean beef, your tuna etc. Also make sure to supplement with Whey protein shakes.
    As you up your caloric intake, make sure you lift big at the gym as well.
    When it comes to eating and lifting, always make sure not to over do it. Just take it easy, and have fun.

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